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Benefits of Earning a Bachelor's Degree

Is earning your bachelor's a good idea? The degree offers clear benefits like increased income potential, more employment opportunities and greater job security. But going to college is also a huge financial investment and time commitment. It can be a logistical nightmare for people with complex, busy lives.

Students may have work and family obligations that demand more flexibility in scheduling and location than an on-campus program can provide. The array of differences between campus-based programs and online programs, like Eastern Michigan University's online Bachelor of General Studies, should be carefully considered. Attending classes online allows students to complete coursework whenever convenient, but choosing to enroll in a bachelor's degree program is a big decision. Exploring the benefits of earning your degree may be useful.

The Importance of Learning

When considering the benefits of earning a bachelor's degree, people often jump to the easily quantifiable, including income and employment rates for college grads. These are certainly important things to think about. But perhaps the best place to start is to consider why learning, in and of itself, is important.

After all, the intrinsic purpose of college is to learn, to gain information while developing critical thought, problem solving skills and communication skills. Employers value these skills as well. It could be said that the quantitative benefits of earning a bachelor's degree are rooted in the intrinsic benefit of a college education.

How Will Earning a Bachelor's Benefit My Employment Opportunities?

You may not know which career path you'd like to follow, or perhaps you want flexibility and job mobility across different fields. In that case, a generalized degree program, like EMU's online BGS, could serve you well. The degree allows you to design your own interdisciplinary major, combining three distinct areas of study. With this approach, you can broaden your employment opportunities.

On top of that, a BGS emphasizes excellent problem solving and communication skills. According to the National Association of Colleges and Employers, these abilities are sought most by employers.

How About Income, Unemployment and Work-Related Benefits?

The statistical benefits of earning a bachelor's degree are clear. On average, people with a bachelor's degree have higher incomes and lower unemployment rates than people without a bachelor's degree. Based on 2018 data, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reports the following incomes and unemployment rates for each level of educational attainment:

  • Median weekly earnings for people with a bachelor's degree: $1,198
  • Median weekly earnings for people with a high school diploma: $730
  • Unemployment rate for people with a bachelor's degree: 2%
  • Unemployment rate for people with a high school diploma: 1%

Clearly, there are numerous benefits to earning a bachelor's degree, ranging from simple economics to personal development. Plus, earning a bachelor's is a must if you want to pursue graduate education, further raising your income and employment opportunity potential. With affordable, convenient degree program options such as EMU's online BGS, earning your degree may be more attainable than you may think.

Learn more about Eastern Michigan University's online Bachelor of General Studies.


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