If you are interested in new opportunities and challenges and hold an education-related master’s degree, preparing for school leadership as a principal, assistant principal or dean may be the perfect next step.

Become an Outstanding Educational Leader

To earn a Post-Master’s Certificate in K-12 Basic School Administration from Eastern Michigan University, potential educational leaders “study pertinent topics such as leadership in culturally pluralistic educational environments, community relations, instructional leadership, continuous school improvement, budgeting and economics, and human resources principles.”

This certificate program aligns with the “Professional Standards for Educational Leaders” developed by the National Policy Board for Educational Administration. It is also accredited by the National Council for Accreditation of Teacher Education (NCATE).

As a certificate candidate, you will work one-on-one with an advisor to determine your coursework, based on your educational and professional background. When you complete this all-online program, you will be qualified for the position of building principal in the state of Michigan, so you can pursue new professional opportunities and new challenges as an educator.

Become a Stronger Educational Leader

School principals play an important and rewarding role in school success. Too often, however, they suffer from loneliness and stress, which results in high turnover rates. This is especially true in neighborhoods where high poverty is the norm and crime is a daily occurrence.

According to Education Week’s Arianna Prothero, “robust and ongoing training can alleviate those issues and help keep principals on the job.” She goes on to explain, however, that professional development [PD] for principals is often sacrificed in favor of other expenses, such as teacher training. In addition, the training offered is often of “questionable quality.”

Joseph F. Murphy, associate dean at Vanderbilt University agrees. He has said that training at the principal or school leader level should take time. A two-day workshop is not as valuable as coursework that lasts for an entire semester. “Great PD is not one-off experiences,” he said. “Good PD should promote higher-quality instruction and promote more powerful culture and climate in a school.”

Each of the courses in the Post-Master’s Certificate in K-12 Basic School Administration program offered by Eastern Michigan University is designed to strengthen your skills as a leader and help you stay up-to-date on current educational trends. The classes offered for this degree will boost the pursuit of your professional goals and revitalize your leadership skills. You will find new ways to promote each student’s academic success in a collegial atmosphere over an extended period of time.

A Program to Earn Your Certificate or Enhance Your Skills

As a professional with an education-related master’s degree, you would like to know what it would take to be a qualified, student-focused principal. With an eye on a future in leadership, you understand the importance of high-quality preparation, open communication and a supportive community.

The rigorous coursework required to earn a Post-Master’s Certificate in K-12 Basic School Administration from Eastern Michigan University will provide you with skills to become a successful school leader and reinforce those you already have as a building administrator.

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