The technical challenges of executing solid cybersecurity systems and protecting data are difficult. Since technology is constantly developing, cybersecurity policies, practices and laws continuously evolve. As a result, public and private organizations are at risk of significant cyber events, and individuals are in danger of password breaches and identity theft. However, cybersecurity is more than just a technological issue — it also comes down to human error and judgment.

An online Master of Science in Cybersecurity from Eastern Michigan University (EMU) can help graduates defend against real-world digital threats. Students in this online program will learn about the most recent defenses against identity theft, cybercriminals hijacking digital resources or leaking sensitive data. Graduates will be equipped to tackle cyber defense, digital forensics, identity management, network detection and response, systems architecture and more.

Why Is the Field of Cybersecurity a Constant Challenge?

The field of cybersecurity protects against data breaches, thwarts hackers and cyber-espionage groups and ensures network systems are as safe as possible. By training employees about computer security practices, cybersecurity systems can sound the alarm if they notice anything out of the ordinary. Since cybersecurity is still considered relatively new from a legal standpoint, the guidelines and frameworks for the field have not yet been solidified. Significant questions still need to be addressed concerning cybersecurity and protecting against cybercrimes, such as the government’s role in protecting businesses and organizations, those responsible for cyberattacks across international boundaries, those held accountable for software issues and how cybersecurity professionals can approach these problems.

Mitigating cybersecurity risks is also important for businesses from a public relations standpoint. Customers may stop using a bank after a leak of personal information, and investors may not work with a company that has poor past performance with cybersecurity.

The Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS) has reported that the impact of cybercrime is more than just leaked information or public distrust. The widespread consequences can include low employee morale, downtime costs and the internal challenges of not being prepared for a cyberattack.

Many businesses and organizations want to employ qualified and experienced cybersecurity professionals, but many find it difficult to find personnel who have the skills to translate seemingly complicated security jargon into straightforward language. Since cyberattacks are increasing in frequency and many professionals are taking a reactionary instead of a defensive standpoint, being prepared for a cyberattack involves quickly detecting a hacker and limiting the overall damage.

What’s the Employment Outlook?

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the employment outlook for computer and information technology jobs suggests 13% job growth through 2030, much faster than average. The demand for cybersecurity professionals stems from a need for information security, cloud computing and the storage and collection of big data. As of May 2021, the average annual salary for those in the computer and information technology fields was $97,430, higher than the national average salary of $45,760 for all other occupations.

Becoming a Cybersecurity Professional

EMU’s online master’s degree in cybersecurity can help meet the demand for highly skilled cybersecurity professionals. Students will learn to analyze and evaluate operating systems to detect threats and risks; engage in the latest research activities; design, execute and assess computing-based solutions for cybersecurity; develop and implement cryptography for information systems; understand advanced security to software and networks; and make informed decisions regarding cybersecurity practices that follow ethical and legal principles.

Graduates of this online program will be well equipped to tackle the difficulties found in the field of cybersecurity with confidence.

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