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Dr. Toni Stokes Jones, Assistant Professor


"Technology is ubiquitous and used by individuals at all ages. Thus, teachers need to be comfortable using it to support teaching and learning and to facilitate the development of responsible digital citizens."

Degrees Held:

  • Ph.D. in Instructional Technology — Wayne State University

Career Highlights:

  • Coauthored and co-presented numerous articles and research about technology access, online communication, technology and young children
  • Coauthored "Adolescent Knowledge and Attitudes Related to Clinical Trials," an article in "Clinical Trials: Journal of the Society for Clinical Trials"
  • Principal investigator on research currently in progress with professors Nancy Copeland and Shawn Quilter: The Impact of Infusing Learning Management Systems on Pre-Service & In-Service Teachers. The purpose of this research is to determine whether using LMS to design online lessons while a preservice teacher influences the use of it to support teaching and learning while a student or practicing teacher.

In which online degree program do you teach?

M.A. in Educational Leadership

  • Which classes do you teach online?

    LTEC 602: Technology and Student-Centered Learning

  • What do students learn in your classes? What is the expected outcome?

    Based on theoretical, philosophical and historical perspectives, students will plan for technology-enhanced, student-centered learning in their classroom. Students will also participate in a field experience that enables them to compare methods and strategies of technology integration. The course objectives are that you:

    • Design student-centered learning environments by making judgments concerning the appropriate use of technology in teaching/learning, designing and delivering a presentation using presentation support software and device(s) and designing and implementing a lesson(s) that applies technology resources to support instruction
    • Design student-centered curriculum plans by designing curricula that integrates content and student technology standards, uses technology to develop students' higher order skills and creativity and supports needs of diverse learners, and designing curricula that supports a student-centered environment
    • Confront social, ethical, legal and human issues by confronting moral and ethical implications of technology in schools, discussing issues of equity and educational media and technology, and learning to effectively handle the frustrations that are inherent in using technologies
    • Utilize age and content appropriate software in the classroom by identifying and integrating instructional software into classroom activities, classifying a software program into the appropriate category (e.g., drill and practice, tutorial, simulation, etc.), identifying the type of software that would be useful in attaining specific learning objectives, giving examples of how general productivity application software programs might be used in a school setting, and reviewing and evaluating educational software; use technology to support communication and collaboration in student learning activities
    • Participate in 2 different field experiences by observing and comparing methods and strategies of technology integration in a learning environment
  • Why did you start teaching?

    According to my family, I have been teaching since I was 5 or 6 years old. Teaching is my calling and an opportunity to help people to help themselves and others. Technology is ubiquitous and used by individuals at all ages. Thus, teachers need to be comfortable using it to support teaching and learning and to facilitate the development of responsible digital citizens.

  • What advice would you give to those considering this online degree program?

    This program will assist you in being a better educator, leader and user of technology. To get the full benefit of this program and be a successful online student, you must be self-disciplined, a knowledge seeker and able to manage your time well.

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