If you’ve found your calling in the field of education, you may be ready to take it to the next level. Over 800,000 students take the step each year to get their master’s degree, and many do so while keeping a full-time job. Wherever you are in your career, it can be hard to find the resources to go to school while working. That’s where an online degree program shines. See why more teachers are using a Master of Education online program to get ahead.

The Benefits of an MA in Education

What can you expect after graduation with your M.A.? Depending on what degree concentration you choose, there are many opportunities available upon completion. Online M.A. programs include focused degrees in Special Education, Curriculum Development, Teacher Leadership, School Administration and Reading. Graduates often go on to earn more in their field, take on exciting new roles within their schools and continue leading in their communities.

Reasons to Earn a Degree Online

There are many perks to obtaining a degree 100% online.

  1. Affordability – One of the myths about online degree programs is that they cost more. When you consider that you can complete them in as few as 18 months, with no room or board costs, they offer a great value. The rapid completion time means you can potentially boost your earnings faster, too. The S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reports higher average weekly earnings for those with an advanced degree.
  2. Convenience – It’s enough to have to commute for your job. Should classes add to that burden? With an online degree program, you can learn where you’re most comfortable and skip the drive to campus. Bad weather or slow traffic won’t keep you from your educational goals.
  3. Flexible schedule – Between lesson planning, classroom time, grading and meetings, it can be difficult for today’s teachers to find any extra time. Those spare few hours each day need to be maximized for learning, and online degree programs offer several scheduling options to fit your packed calendar.
  4. Learning “your way” – Don’t mistake distance learning as impersonal. Online degree programs can be beneficial in helping you learn and retain material via your preferred methods. Review online videos, lectures and worksheets at your convenience and worry less about “missing” class notes. With more asynchronous classes being added all the time, it’s the ideal way for those with unique obstacles to find their rhythm, too.
  5. More program choices – Fifty years ago, you would be limited to the programs you could drive to or live at through a residency program. Today, the internet brings hundreds of programs to you, regardless of where you live, and you no longer have to settle for classes that aren’t specific to your goals simply because they are nearby. Expanding your professional and personal horizons is much easier, thanks to online degree programs.

Is an Online Degree Program Right for You?

The commitment required to get through an online master’s program is not insignificant. You’ll need focus, a positive attitude and the creativity to make the coursework fit into your already busy lifestyle. You’ll also have a few prerequisites, including a regionally recognized bachelor’s degree, a suitable GPA and official transcripts.

For those who are destined to become true leaders in their field, however, it’s the surest way forward. With an incredible value per credit hour, more degree concentrations than ever before, and experienced professors who know what makes virtual learning successful, online degree programs are quickly becoming the way teachers move forward while still working full time.

Believe it or not, by earning a degree online, you can access support services and networking opportunities — even remotely. If you’re considering an online program for your M.A. in Education degree, be sure to do your research and ask the important questions about what a day in the program would look like for you. If you can imagine that setting working well with your already busy lifestyle, it makes sense to take the next steps for your future.

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