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EMU Faculty

Bryan Alfaro

Part-Time Lecturer

"The advice I would give to those considering this online degree is really engage with the materials and your classmates; just because it's an online environment doesn't mean you can't connect with your instructors and classmates."

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EMU Faculty

Dr. Jennifer Sjostedt Avery

Associate Director for Graduate Nursing Studies & Assistant Professor

"Ask questions and do your homework; not all online programs are equivalent and ‘online' doesn't mean online when it comes to completing practice hours for some degrees. Also, make sure you know what you can/want to do with your degree when you finish."

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EMU Faculty

Dr. Betty Beard

Emeritus Professor of Nursing and Part-Time Lecturer

"You will be very surprised at how much you are going to learn that will improve the nursing care you provide. I have found this to be true of nearly all nurses who have returned for their BSN (often reluctantly). At the end of the program, they all wish they had started this program earlier in their career. Just do it!!"

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EMU Faculty

Dr. Laurie C. Blondy

Associate Professor

"The advice I'd give to those considering the RN to BSN online program is that you must be willing and able to converse in the online environment and make note of all deadlines on a calendar as online weeks move fast."

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EMU Faculty

Dr. Sanabella DiSanto

Associate Professor

"Have confidence that you will complete this program. The professors are excellent and truly care about our students and want them to be successful. It will be worth it in the end."

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EMU Faculty

Dr. Diane Porretta Fox


"Students will learn how to improve collaboration with health care interprofessional team members, how it can improve patient care, and how the diversity in interprofessional contributes to their adaptability and sustainability."

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EMU Faculty

Heather Hite

Nurse Educator

"I began teaching in the RN to BSN program to help students further their nursing education. I too, went through the program as a full-time employee. I had professors that pushed me to do my best, continue to learn, improve, and understand those elements outside of the patient's bedside. I want to assist those individuals devoted to furthering their education."

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EMU Faculty

Laura Kovick

Part-Time Lecturer

"Students will develop proficiency in reading and writing in academic Nursing genres."

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EMU Faculty

Opal Patricia Lesse

Part-Time Lecturer

"By the end of the semester, the student will be able to reflect on how the new knowledge of self-care can be incorporated into their lives at home, workplace and the community to decrease stress and overcome barriers."

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EMU Faculty

Shirley Lyson


"This program helps nurses to advance in their career with critical-thinking skills."

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EMU Faculty

Laura Mills


"The advice I would give to those considering the RN-to-BSN online program is you should be self-motivated, but the faculty is supportive; seek help if you need it."

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EMU Faculty

Angela Morgan

Part-Time Lecturer

"Students are expected to learn elements of professional nursing practice and professional writing skills in my classes."

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EMU Faculty

Jaydene Sue Morris-Wagner

Adjunct Faculty

"Communication of my passion for nursing and nursing education is the key to helping our future and current nurses become the best they can be."

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EMU Faculty

Dr. Delbert Martin Raymond


"The courses move extremely fast. Buckle in, hang on tight, don't get behind—and you WILL succeed."

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EMU Faculty

Clare Sansburn

Part-Time Lecturer

"Try it. It is very challenging to balance all that life throws your way while working, having a family, and going to school, but it is only a limited-time commitment. The semesters fly by, and before you know it, you will have your degree."

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EMU Faculty

Dr. Frank Schaller

Assistant Professor

"… expect the unexpected. Be flexible and patient. Be ready to be challenged. Expect that you are going to put in many hours. Know that you will get out of this online degree program what you put into it. Connect with your professors."

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EMU Faculty

Dr. Julie Slack


"To be successful, a nurse needs a solid background in assessment skills with an understanding of human response to illness and principles of biobehavioral nursing, an ability to identify health patterns quickly, empathy towards all and a strong passion to make a difference."

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EMU Faculty

Dr. Martha Baiyee


"I find joy in learning and thought teaching must be the same. The inherent paradox of teaching and learning excites me. I like the feeling of enlightenment that comes from co-construction of meaning with learners. I fundamentally believe that teaching is learning and vice versa."

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EMU Faculty

Dr. Brigid Beaubien


"Go out of your way to make collegial relationships with the professors and other students - it makes the experience so much richer."

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Dr James Berry - EMU Faculty

Dr. James Berry

Professor and Executive Director of International Council of Professors of Educational Leadership

"The fast pace of change in education requires principals and school leaders to be flexible in their thinking as they lead schools and school systems"

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EMU Faculty

Dr. Ginnie Harder


"Successful teachers are those have to love what they teach and who they teach. They are also learners themselves, realizing that to be successful, they have to stay current."

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Michael McVey - EMU Faculty

Dr. Michael McVey


"Taking online courses takes self-discipline and organization. Make sure you have a regular time and place for working and take every opportunity to network with your classmates. They will provide more support to you than you would imagine."

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EMU Faculty

Dr. Karen Menke Paciorek

Professor of Early Childhood Education

"Students will learn to reflect on their current teaching practices and use research based practices to move their teaching to the next level."

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Mirtes Christina - EMU Faculty

Dr. Christina Mirtes

Associate Professor

"I have always been interested in working with young children and families. Teaching is my passion, and I have been so fortunate that teaching doesn't even seem like work to me."

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EMU Faculty

Dr. Thomas Mitchell

Lecturer III

"[An online degree program] is harder than traditional lectures, yet give a lot of flexibility."

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EMU Faculty

Dr. Toni Stokes Jones

Assistant Professor

"Technology is ubiquitous and used by individuals at all ages. Thus, teachers need to be comfortable using it to support teaching and learning and to facilitate the development of responsible digital citizens."

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Dr Ronald Williamson - EMU Faculty

Dr. Ronald Williamson


"By the end of each class, students have developed a set of leadership tools that they can use to work collaboratively with their faculty and school community to assure high levels of achievement by all students."

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EMU Faculty

Dr. Munther Abualkibash

Assistant Professor

"I love teaching cybersecurity. I have always enjoyed working with undergraduate students."

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EMU Faculty

Anas Alkatib

IA/Cybersecurity Lecturer

"Risk management is a foundation for cybersecurity in which you'll learn enough to get you informed and to see whether cybersecurity is the path that you want to take. As for the program as a whole, it's a great program to be in because security is in the mind of every single company, be it small or large, and it will only grow exponentially."

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EMU Faculty

Dr. James Banfield

Associate Professor

"Be involved in learning, do not merely do the assignments. Instead, dig deep in how to apply what you're learning. Invest your time and mind."

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EMU Faculty

Dr. Bilquis Ferdousi

Associate Professor

"Time management, self-discipline, strong motivation and perseverance are required for success in an online degree program."

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EMU Faculty

Christopher Krieger


"Students in my classes learn hands-on about current forensics, response, and policy trends seen in various industries."

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EMU Faculty

Dr. Mohammed Noraden Alsaleh

Assistant Professor

"Pay close attention to the course exercises and the assigned projects. The program is designed to build strong cybersecurity professionals. The hands-on experience is essential for success in this program."

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EMU Faculty

Mansour Sharha

Part Time Lecturer

"There is a light at the end of the tunnel. It will take hard work, dedication, commitment, and perseverance to attain your dream degree, therefore, pursue your dream and never give up when obstacles arise."

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Samir Tout - EMU Faculty

Dr. Samir Tout


"Students learn the foundational concepts and apply them to real world scenarios. They come out with diverse knowledge that is enriched with my added industry experience."

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EMU Faculty

Ryan Weber

Cloud Security Engineer

"I think this type of learning method is unique, and if you have a good understanding of computers and online fetching skills, such as Google, then you should be all set!"

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