A Master of Arts in Curriculum & Instruction (C&I) – Concentration in Reading online from Eastern Michigan University (EMU) will expand your career potential by giving you the knowledge and skills required to thrive in the field of education. The program, which students can complete in as few as 18 months, helps educators “develop the ability to design, implement and evaluate curriculum plans and programs.” Its concentration in reading ensures that new graduates possess the necessary tools to increase comprehension and improve their students’ overall reading skills.

Here are two exciting career opportunities for holders of a Master of Arts in C&I with a concentration in Reading, with salary information as of May 2021.

Curriculum Coordinator (Average yearly salary: $66,970)

Curriculum coordinators play an essential role in shaping a school’s instructional methodology. These professionals often work year round, and their responsibilities include:

  • Establishing teaching standards
  • Overseeing curricula
  • Developing instructional materials and assessing their efficacy
  • Serving as mentors for teachers

Curriculum coordinators are also frequently involved with implementing new technology in the classroom. Depending on the age level of the students, these professionals may also have a role in special education or teaching English to non-English speakers.

Curriculum Leader in Literacy Instruction (Average yearly salary: $73,488)

Curriculum leaders come from a broad range of backgrounds. Principals, teachers, guidance counselors or state consultants are among the many school or state employees who take on this vital role. There are several essential responsibilities for a curriculum leader, including setting standards for skills assessment. Additionally, they work diligently to establish a trusting, collaborative environment. They seek to mentor or empower both classroom educators and aspiring curriculum designers. Perhaps most importantly, they endeavor to develop their schools as innovative organizations dedicated to continued learning and constant improvement. They are also instrumental in clearly defining actionable goals. 

Individuals hoping to raise their professional outlook while impacting students in their community should investigate specialized online graduate degrees in curriculum & instruction. The affordable tuition helps students avoid large amounts of debt, and the program’s multiple start dates offer the flexibility to continue working while simultaneously pursuing your educational goals. Start your academic journey today and begin the career of your dreams in as few as 18 months.

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